Leaders in Training & EvangelisM

Ages 14-18

The Leaders In Training and Evangelism program is designed for teen’s ages 14-18 who are seeking to develop skills, knowledge, and character for leadership in Christian ministry. This is a two week program with intensive leadership training through a series of Bible lessons, service(work), creative activities, an out-tripping adventure and hands-on experience. Some preliminary teaching will take place from May to June (about six sessions).

The LITE program helps grow a strong camp cabin leader but much more than that; It is a rigorous and challenging adventure in leadership and personal growth and more importantly it is designed to facilitate deeper relationships with one another and to provide a training ground on which they can deepen their relationship with God.  In an age of family breakdown, substance abuse, moral relativism and conflicting values, we feel that God has laid a foundation in this program to give our participants a solid footing in life and a fresh hope for the future. A young person, with a hope centered on Christ and a clear direction in life, will more likely develop compassion, empathy, generosity , leadership, patience and a sense of humour: All characteristics that contribute to the making of a good leader.

“Excellent Place To Grow Closer To God”



  • Fundamentals of Archery
  • Basic Canoe Strokes on beautiful Jeannette Lake
  • Make cool crafts
  • Learn outdoor skills such as fire-making
  • Compass skills
  • Discover more about the Bible, it’s history, writers and what it is all about


  • Field Activity/Game (ex. Soccer, British bulldog)
  • Wide Games (ex. Capture the Flag, Counsellor Hunt).
  • 'Bethel Has Talent' talent show
  • Dress Up (red carpet or formal) Banquet Night.
  • Wacky Olympics (Childrens Camps)
  • Day Trip (Jr. & Sr. Camps)
  • Bethel Iron Man Relay (Jr. & Sr. Camps)


  • Worship songs
  • Bible teaching
  • Fire Pit after Evening Chapel
  • Many wonderful Memories and life changing Decisions are made at chapel and around the Campfire at night.

Free Time

  • Swim and chill at the beach
  • Canoe or Kayak
  • Zipline over the swamp,
  • Bust some moves on the Water Trampoline
  • Enter the Ga- ga pit
  • Balance on the slack-line
  • Try out the new game 9 square in the air
  • Rocketball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Soccer, & Football
  • Tuck (yummy treats) is free and offered every after day


Our Volunteer Cooks and Kitchen staff work hard to make sure our campers are well fed with meals that are nutritious, have variety, and taste fantastic! Campers with food allergies can be accommodated. Night Snack is before campfire every evening.

Cabin Time

Through Work (cleaning dorm and bathroom), Play (polar dips, games, being goofy) and Devotional times (Bible study and sharing), friendships are kindled, important life and spiritual questions are discussed and answered, love and encouragement is given and received.